Welding Machines

We bring forth the finest quality Welding Machines. These Welding Machines are obtained from the reliable vendors in the market and are known for durability and high efficiency. Our Welding Machines are well tested under stringent industry norms and are free from any types of faults.


  • WSE series Inverter AC/DC TIG/MMA welding machine/welder/welding equipment
  • CCC approved
  • 2 year warranty


  • Stable arc, easy to fill the wire
  • Small size, light weight, easy to move
  • AC TIG welding for aluminum, magnesium and their alloys
  • DC TIG welding for stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and other non-ferrous metal


Accessories Welding torch, earth wire, hexagon spanner
Easily switch operation modes MMA/TIG, AC/DC
Model No WSE200, WSE250, WSE315
Voltage Single phase 220V± 15%, 3 phase 380V± 15%, 3 phase 380V± 15%
Max. Input current 23A, 11A, 16A
Open circuit voltage 56-60V, 56-60V, 56-60V
Output current range 10-200A (DC TIG) 30-200A (AC TIG) 30-160A (stick), 10-250A (DC TIG) 30-250A (AC TIG) 30-200A (stick)
Down slope time 0~7sec
Pre-flow time 0~2sec
Post-flow time 0~10sec
Output AC frequency 70Hz square
AC balance 50%-90% EN
Duty cycle 60%
Pilot arc model High frequency
Max. Welding thickness 0.3in (8mm), 0.4in(10mm), 0.5in(13mm)