Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals of the HBM1 are accord with the standard of DIN24960, single face, balanced and metal bellows seal, which can be rotated at will, the rotating O ring and flexible carbon ring without compensation function, then the movement of bellow without resistance, to be suitable for high temperature, high viscosity mediums. Sub-materials of friction and auxiliary materials should be selected according to operation condition. Our Mechanical Seals can be obtained at economical prices. 



  • Steel industry
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Refining
  • Fertilizer industry


Sealed Medium Oil, acid, alkali, average corrosive mediums, etc
Pressure in the sealed chamber Less than 2.5Mpa (with external pressurization)less than 1.5Mpa(with internal pressurization)
Temperature in the sealed chamber -20~400
Linear velocity Less than 15m/s